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The Family Vegan is devoted to the concept of eating healthier food for a healthier life. For us food is more than what you feed your physical body. It's what you feed your mind, body and spirit. So we strive to create events and digital content where people can come and learn about plant-based diets in a safe and nonjudgemental way.

Our mission is to introduce and expose people to plant-based food in a kind and loving way. Extending hospitality to all those who we encounter.



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join the family and receive This 14-day meal plan and a start-up guide. this bundle has everything you need to get started with your plant-based journey.

Whether you are doing a short-term detox or changing your way of life, this plant-based product bundle will help make the process easier.

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Below are a few resources that may make your transition a little easier. Making a change sometimes takes a little extra support. Join our community of like-minded people and get the support you need to start living a healthier and happier life.

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Family Vegan Village Membership

Get all the tools you need to start your plant-based journey. Digital classes, cooking videos, Private FB Group, Monthly webinars and much more. All for a one-time payment of $19,99

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cooking classes

Our chefs love teaching individuals and groups how to prepare delicious plant-based meals. Email us and let us know your needs and we can customize a class for you or your group.

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The Family Vegan believes strongly in supporting and giving back to our communities. We provide regular financial support to the Urban Oak Initiative, a 501 (c)(3) entity. Urban Oak’s vision and mission align with The Family Vegan’s goal of educating communities on the benefits of eating more plant-based meals.


Planting seeds of change in underserved communities

The vision of the Urban Oak Initiative is a world of healthy, vibrant, and diverse communities built around the holistic duality of nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle.

Its mission is to educate youth and their families on the benefits of plant-based nutrition and living an active and healthy lifestyle. They plant seeds of change in underserved communities because they believe that people flourish when they are well nourished.



  1. Help children affected by childhood obesity by educating them on the benefits of eating more plant-based meals.

  2. Provide food-based solutions to reduce the rate of chronic illness suffered by youth and their families.

  3. Create economic opportunities and career paths for youth by teaching leadership and vocational skills through the culinary arts.

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