The Family Vegan


What is The Family Vegan?

The Family Vegan is a collaborative of culinary professionals, artisan urban food suppliers, and curated venues devoted to expanded to the concept of eating healthier food for a healthier life. For us food is more than what you feed your physical body. It's what you feed your mind, body and spirit. So we strive to create events where food may be the key ingredient but it takes ambience, entertainment and dope ass music to make the meal complete.

We are not on a mission to save every animal on the planet, there are many other people doing that. Our mission is to introduce and expose people to plant-based food in a kind and loving way. Extending hospitality to all those who we encounter at our events and venues.

Why Try Plant-based Meals?

Our philosophy is pretty simple. Provide people with the education and resources they need and let them make their own decisions. No lifestyle, diet, or change can occur if it's forced. Whether you try a plant-based diet for a period of time or the rest of your life, you will reap the benefits. The results will be undeniable and once you see them, then the choice is up to you. But we will be there to support you every step of the way.